Hey, so, after a long creative hiatus, I’ve started digitally drawing to get my juices flowing.  Maybe it’ll lead to some great things!  I use my photographs as a base to draw from. Either way, it feels good for those neurons to be firing again.  I have a separate place right now to dump my drawings on. Here you go if you feel so inclined: cleverscribbles.tumblr.com or click the drawing.
This is was a crazy little photography challenge I did with a friend a long time ago.  Seeing it makes me realize there is still a ton of creativity to be had in photography, I’m just having difficulty channeling it. For about a month I’ve been taking a ceramics class, which is a medium I always enjoyed more than photography in college.  But that class will only last until mid-June.  After that, I need to quickly find another creative outlet before I lose the creative steam I’ve gathered.  asdfhjk…..end post…
Shaking the water bottle in The General Greene
Vladimir = objectively, the best cat in the history of all cats, ever.  I’m not lying.  You have to meet him to realize this.  Here, he is pictured resting inside a dresser drawer.
Nobody & Mystic Chords of Memory Walk in the After Light
Dripping with beauty, I
Dripping with beauty, II
HEY I figured I should juxtapose these happy-sappy San Francisco scenes with some gritty-as-hell NYC stuff.  This is from a long time ago but it is timeless in my eyes.
You know how some people just belong in your life but they live on the other side of the continent??? This hand belongs to someone like that.
Muir Woods outside of San Francisco IS HEAVEN ON EARTH. You have no choice but to believe me!!